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Peanut Friendly Baseball Game

Have you heard about the movement to have peanut friendly baseball games? We've been fortunate to go the last few years.

Peanuts. And Crackerjacks. These two items are not only ever-present at a baseball game, but they’re even included in baseball’s theme song. You can’t take a step anywhere without your shoes crunching on peanut shells or smelling fresh roasted peanuts mixed with freshly cut grass. For millions of American’s, there’s nothing out of place about that. However, for a select few million with a peanut allergy, that scenario can turn that baseball dream into a nightmare. So what’s a baseball-loving kid to do when they have a peanut allergy? Enter the Peanut Friendly Baseball Game.

This movement started a few years ago and keeps growing to more ballparks each year. The idea is simple: make an area free of peanuts (or don’t serve peanuts at all) for a baseball game or two. Some teams even go above and beyond to make most or every game safer for people with peanut allergies. We jealously read on social media how some baseball teams embraced this idea. We were overjoyed when our own local favorite, The Colorado Rockies, hit a home run and decided to join in the inclusion celebration.

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