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How Kids view Food Challenges

When I was 10, I had a mystery allergic reaction.

It was an incident that never made sense. It may have been tree nut cross contact. Or possibly it was a “perfect storm” of factors that all needed each other to cause a bad reaction. But in any case, it made us afraid that I’d developed a new allergy to peanuts.

I’d shown a mild sensitivity to peanuts at my one and only skin test (at age 6,) but I ate peanut butter almost daily. This reaction, though, made us worry that I’d crossed the line into being allergic, and our doctor decided to do a food challenge.

My parents recently brought over some keepsakes from my childhood. Among them was a journal my 5th grade teacher made us keep every day that year. Within its pages, I found an entry I wrote after that reaction, and in anticipation of my peanut food challenge. This provides a window into my 10-year-old mind as I went through the experience. I thought I’d share.

This first journal entry was from the first day back to school after the mystery reaction. (It happened at the end of Spring Break.)

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