About Us


We're Eileen and Dean, the founders of Allergy Superheroes. Our Mission is to Empower and Protect Allergic Kids. Having a food allergy doesn't make anyone any less Super!

Our origin story dates back to 1982, when Eileen proved anaphylactic to egg weeks before her first birthday. She outgrew that allergy, but her equally dangerous tree nut allergy remains with her to this day.

Our kids have food allergies too. "Zax," our older son, is allergic to peanut and egg, and "Kal," our younger son, is allergic to peanut. Both boys also have asthma, just like Mom.

It wasn't until our older son started school that we realized most people don't "get it." We've learned how hard it is to let other people know the severity of our kids' food allergies. That's why we created Allergy Superheroes: awareness gear that demonstrates the menacing dangers of food allergies, but is also fun to wear!

Even Superheroes have weaknesses. Remember, we are all more powerful than our allergies!

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