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Instant Pot Review – Not Instantly Impressed

I received an Instant Pot for Christmas last year, which is cool because I’d been seeing a lot of recipes for this new(er) gadget. However, there’s a definite learning curve for this device, which I share in this review. It’s potential is cool and I’m still using it, but I’ll admit that I wasn’t instantly impressed.

I’ll begin by stating that I’ve never used a pressure cooker before. I didn’t grow up with one, and my parents never taught me to pressure cook. So for me, learning this device also involves learning a whole new way of cooking.

The idea behind the Instant Pot is this: trapped steam increases the atmospheric pressure inside the pressure cooker. This raises the boiling point of water to around 244 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher temperature makes food cook faster. The high pressure also forces more moisture into the food, which can help tenderize meat more quickly.

This all sounds pretty cool, but I couldn’t help but feel that there’s a bit of false advertising in the Instant Pot promise. The main issue I struggled with was knowing how early to start cooking.

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