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Food Allergy Lunch Drama before breakfast

We had some food allergy lunch drama this morning.

Just a few minutes after dropping my son off at school today (just one, the other was home sick) I got a robo-call from the school saying something broke in the kitchen so they’re serving sack lunches instead of the expected pizza.

For context, this is the first year my kids have been able to get hot lunches. For the last four years, our district’s Food Services (which has changed hands a lot) haven’t been cooperative in getting us allergen information–but this year has been quite good, so far. (Which is great, because the boys were getting tired of our regular lunch rotation. Since they’re picky and don’t like trying new things, feeding them at lunchtime was becoming a challenge.)

Anyway, my kiddo was going to have the pizza today, so he didn’t bring a lunch. I called the school, selecting the option for Food Services, but only got voice mail.

I tried again, selecting the front office this time. They weren’t experts, of course, but they said there would be three options: grilled cheese, a meat sandwich, or peanut butter.

Well, the peanut butter was obviously out for my peanut-allergic child, but he’s also allergic to egg. Could I find out about the bread, and more details on the meat? He didn’t like the grilled cheese the one time he tried it. Plus, with the kitchen out, a simple cheese sandwich seemed more likely than “grilled” cheese.

She transferred me to the kitchen, and that time it rang off the hook. So I tried the office again, planning to ask if someone could just walk down the hall. That time I got someone different, who said . . .

What did we end up doing? Read the rest of it on our main blog site here!


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