Single-dose Liquid Medicine Bottles

$ 2.99

Do you carry a full bottle of liquid Benadryl® in your purse to be ready for an allergic reaction? You want to keep your child safe, but it sure would be nice to lighten the load.

Well good news, the load just got lighter! Our single-dose medicine bottles easily carry exactly as much antihistamine as you need without the bulk or weight of all that extra medicine. Sold in packs of two so you can double up your dose to be safe, bring different types of medicine, or cover a sibling too.

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  • Sold in packs of 2
  • 12mL total capacity for each bottle (a "big kid" dose (2 tsp) is 10mL)
  • Embossed calibration lines for easy measuring
  • Sleek design nests comfortably between two Epis in most carrying cases
  • Easy dosing - just pop open the top and tell your child to drink
  • Tight lid resists accidental opening (unless you regularly drop your Epi case on hard surfaces or play football with your meds, it shouldn't open and spill--we tried!)
  • Made of polypropylene

Product includes two 12mL bottles. No Benadryl® or other medication is included with this product.

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