Teal Pumpkin GROW Bucket

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Limited Seasonal Offer! NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING! We're including Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin Seeds with every Teal Pumpkin Bucket ordered during the summer! Use your Candy Bucket as a Container Garden!

These three-inch pumpkins are a favorite variety for children and are the perfect size to grow indoors or in small spaces.

Once your pumpkins have matured (in about 100 days), paint them teal and use the bucket to hold safe treats to hand out for Halloween--or as a candy bucket for your Super Trick-or-Treater! An Instruction Comic Book on how to grow your pumpkins is included, and doubles as a coloring sheet once you're done with it!

Includes Teal Pumpkin Bucket, 3 pumpkin seeds, and grow instructions. Soil and teal paint not included.

Buckets measure 5.5" high x 6.7" in diameter. Made of eco-friendly Polyethylene plastic. Contains no latex.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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