Fish Allergy Superhero Boy Button

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If your son has a fish allergy, then this button is a great product for you! Fishazoid provides a clear picture to children and caregivers that fish products are dangerous, but our heroic theme reminds your son that he is greater than his food allergy!

Our Fish Allergy Superhero Boy Buttons fit well inside of backpacks but are large enough to not get lost at the bottom. Older children can easily grab them and put them on if they have a substitute teacher or a parent arrives with surprise birthday treats. Great for providing an extra layer of protection by alerting others to your child’s food allergy when he’s out saving the world!

This eye-catching, 3-inch-round, pin back button is large enough to read at a distance. It is 100% Made in the USA and features:

  • Durable, two-part metal construction
  • A pin that is NOT loose and maintains its “spring”
  • A protective covering that is scratch resistant and maintains its shine
  • The metal components are 100% nickel free
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Buttons Fish - Boy Button Fish

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