Food Allergy Superhero Boy Sticker

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What if your son's outfit could alert caregivers to his food allergies even when he's required to wear a camp shirt or other uniform? With our 3 inch round food allergy awareness stickers, you can make sure teachers, counselors, babysitters, and more know not to feed to your little one.

Even from a distance, caregivers will see Chef Cross and recognize that they should be careful with food, and our heroic theme reminds your son that he is more Super than his allergies!

Great for activities when you don't want the extra bulk of a button on your child’s shirt, our single-use stickers are durable and can last through a day of rugged play. Sold in packs of 15.

You can't always be there, so give your little superhero added protection when he's off saving the world without you!

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